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Margaret Hamilton is both Cora and the Wicked Witch

During the recording of our podcast, Mike came with an interesting theory on Cora’s identity. We assumed that Cora must be the Queen of Hearts, since her name means ‘heart’ in several languages. For example ‘cor’ in Latin and ‘coeur’ in French. But does Cora really refer back to that, or does it refer to something else? We already saw that Dr. Whale was a reference back to the 1937 black-and-white Dr. Frankenstein movie directed by James Whale. This could be an indication that the names are more loosely connected to the character than we previously thought. Here is Mike’s theory:

Mike writes:

There was some discussion on Secrets of OUAT of the many allusions to The Wizard of Oz. I think I discovered one no one has mentioned yet. Regina’s mother, an evil sorceress, is named Cora. Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 movie, also had a long run in the 1970s doing Maxwell House coffee commercials as a character named Cora. I think OUAT’s Cora is meant to be the Wicked Witch.

So is Cora really the Wicked Witch of the West and does she belong in Oz rather than in Wonderland? Is the room with the curtains in the shared dream located in Oz and are the curtains portals? Is the portal Cora wants to open in Oz? What do you think?